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Uşkay Hukuk Bürosu

Uşkay Law Office was established in 1980 and has been giving legal services in an institutional capacity since 1990.

Uşkay Law Office; thinks that it is not possible for an individual to know and update completely and currently all the rules in view of the wideness and growing wideness of the area where control for lawfulness (litigation) which is an indispensable element of current life takes place.

For this reason, it works in giving legal service with teams comprised of young lawyers that have advanced themselves in the fields of interest. Research in the field, developing solution suggestions with beliefs and ideas are pursued by the team that adopt the subject and priced in accordance with the labour employed.

Uşkay Law Office, merges institutional experiences with young lawyers’ dynamic and current knowledge and determinations, instead of using the labour of young lawyers for an indefinite period of time, takes great care to build friendship solidarity in giving legal service even after their opening seperate law firms. In this regard, it is proud to announce that it has a dynamic chain in every part of Turkey which it can always take support.

Legal Warning : Uskay Law Office warns that the legal declarations made within this web site are of limited cultural knowledge belonging to general law principles, a real experience of an individual can be defined in different legal contexts and the declarations made here can not be a basis for a claim of a mistake or losing of a right unless supported with a specific legal analysis by our office. The Office guarantees that the users are not identified and registered in the case of visiting the web site and if correspondence is made, the electronic mail and identity information will not be filed apart from its private archive.

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